Qicunis a new and leadingmarketing institution with “brand strategy&social media” under SHA. It provides new media integrated marketing and new media operation strategy consulting services to enhance brand influence and terminal transformation capability for customers at a strategic height. 

Brand Strategy: Those who do not have the whole picture in mind can not design a part. It advocates that we should base ourselves at the industrial height, deeply manage brand influencethrough new media channels, createKey Opinion Leader(KOL) and establish our own discourse system.

Social Media: The brand of the new era starts from “communication” and creates the service system of brand, viscosity and transformation by focusing on the “link” end users ofnew media in the whole network.

Advertising: Integrating the industry’s high-quality resources andthe most effective launch strategies in the market

QICUNmethodology: Brand means Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and marketing means communication.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) pluscommunication equal to super mouthpiece

We advocate that in the internet era, it is necessary for every enterprise to establish its own media and create a super mouthpiece.

Successful Cases

In early 2017, QICUN contacted a financial technology company with banking experience.

The financial company has the following characteristics: The core team members are from the bank executiveswith work experience of more than 20 years.The core business is derived from the advanced experience of the bank, and some unique financialrisk control means are added. The six core shareholders are from the large-scale groups with an asset of 10 billion yuan or above, covering listed companies, securities companies and fund companies.

From the perspective of resource allocation, our company was born to go public.

Good stuffs need to be marketed. Although the company has strong hard power in the financial terminal, its soft power in the internet and brand terminal is weak. The financing terminal develops very slowly.

After contacting with the customer, QICUN reevaluatedits resource strength, further explored the core strengths and reproduced verbal tricks for brand terminal marketing. It integrated the most influential social media matrix in the industry and strengthened the brand influence steadily .

By the end of 2017, the social media integrated by QICUN directly brought about 20% of the transaction volume of the platform, affecting the decision-making of more than 40% internet terminal users. The intangible brand value is immeasurable.