About SHA

SHA is committed to delivering its expertise to the readers who really need it interestingly and popularly through character creativity, building a bridge from ivory tower to the public and thus establishing “knowledge tribes” in the internet. The slogan of SHA is “seeking the power of characters”. We believe that characters are a warm carrier of conveying thoughts and emotions, and we further believe that they have the power beyond our imagination.

The composition of SHA: Vertical self-run new media& exclusive strategic cooperationKey Opinion Leader (KOL) & other intimate partners

At present, we have a millions of exclusive financial fans, and our partners have ten millions of financial consumers.

SHA New MediaMethods: SHAattaches great importance to summarizing new media operation and writing methodology, integrating communication, brand andinternet product operation, forming a unique operation system in the industry.

Taking the new media as product operation, upgradingproduct operation to brand communicationand making the brand connect more terminal services.

Value of SHA

Reject “noisiness”

You can see whales in the depths of the sea.“Noisiness” is the “ecology of new media” in this society, but we believe that what remains is to go deeper and stay away from noisiness.

Dont strive for 10W+ purposely

Every stage has its audience. We strive for the glory of 10W+, but we cannot make a splash for 10W+ , lose the value of what we do and slack atour efforts to serve our readers better.

Keep revere for knowledge

To revere knowledge is to revere the seriousness of professionalism, not to exaggerate, talk nonsense or cheat.

Position vertical professional services

Engaging in vertical profession is our foundation. To provide vertical professional services is the value of our existence. In essence, what we engage in is not new mediabut the service industry offering professional knowledge service through new media.


Zhiduoxing FinancialAdvisor

Popularize financial knowledge to the public

Founded in July 2016, Zhiduoxing Financial Advisor is a leading third-party financial knowledge sharing platform which concentrates on serving the public and providing financial knowledge, financial product evaluation and investor risk education. Through several years of refined management, we have now served 100,000 precise pan-financial users.

BDD Insurance Research Institute

The first third-party insurance evaluation institution in China

It is an objective third-party professional insurance evaluation institution which was jointly established with “SiDaCaiZi (SDCZ)”, a famous insurance opinion leader. It insists on providing insurance consumption popularization, insurance product evaluation and insurance purchase guidance, helpingthe public improve family security.