Since its establishment, SHAhas been committing to promoting the development of the new media industry, and it is a founding member of Shanghai “Penguin New Media Entrepreneurship Alliance”. It keeps opening and cooperating with outstanding figures and entrepreneurship elites to incubate the new media projects.

Incubation Projects

MaternalInfant Knowledge Community

With AGC knowledge sharing and UGC interaction as the core, we will establish a deep and warm maternal and infant life knowledge sharing platform through “new media & internet community”, aiming at providing multi-scenario expertise, experience sharing, infant product evaluation and warmhearted services by meeting the core needs of young families such as pregnancy, postpartum and rearing.

New Media for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a field in which the information is seriously asymmetrical. We learn that many students and parents in China are usually confused about the admission standards and background requirements of foreign universities. At the same time, they are facing the current situation that the domestic intermediaries for studying abroad seek quick success and instant benefits and everything is sales-oriented. How to build a bridge to the ideal? In this project, we hope thatwe can provide as much help as we can for 1 million new Chinese students studying abroadevery year through the knowledge dissemination of new media.

Fintech Think Tank

It is a financial content and new finance research service platform, which directly serves the financialtechnology field and pays close attention to the development of consumer finance and internet finance. It will set up new finance research institutes and new financial media. In the future, it will serve financial technical institutions and keep pace with the new finance era by continuing to carry out research, academic exchanges, publishing and dissemination in the new finance field .