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Company Profile

Founded in March 2016, SHA is anoverall solution provider for social marketing . Its core team members are from senior media personnel, internet entrepreneursand financial practitioners.

SHA is a professional social marketing service provider and a senior creator in the new media industry. With the help of social media and simple but profound knowledge sharing services, we help our users connect with the most valuable products in the market.

SHA means “what”. “Na Sha” means “what’s that?”. It is not defined, so everything is possible. We hope that it will be a company full of possibilities.

Nasha shares a similar pronunciation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the pioneer of exploring the universe. We also hope that it could explore all possibilities like NASA.


Frank Shi is the founder of SHA, Master of Finance, Fudan Universityand an off-campus tutor of PE/VC Association, Fudan University.

In his early years, he was engaged in the research of investment and finance and is a KOL in the field of financial planning.

In 2016, he set up SHA to achieve an annual growth of more than 100% .

He is a social marketing expert and the founder of the marketing concept of “QICUN Super Mouthpiece”. It advocates that we should base ourselves at the industrial height, deeply manage brand influence through new media channels, create a KOLand establish our own discourse system.

Development History

In 2015, Frank began to share his personal opinions on the economic direction at Tianya Forum. In just three months, his post was listed as the top ten financial postsin history, and thus he became a financial KOL.

In 2016, Frank and his friends co-founded SHA and started his full-time career in the new media. In the same year, three Zhihu financial accounts were successfully incubated under the leadership of Frank.

In 2017, Frank founded QICUN, a social marketing institution. QICUNbecame a strategic partner of several financial technology companies, generating amazing marketing feedback.

In 2018, SHA integrated the largest vertical financial matrix in the financial field. In the second half of 2018, it entered the new media of internet insurance.

In early 2019, SHA and “SDCZ” (an insurance KOL) co-founded BDD Insurance Research Institute.